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Domino - Inkjet variable data system

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We offer a full service approach to the variable data printing needs of our clients, from the provision of the random number database to the full web solution that manages the redemption of the codes. Our specialists are on hand at a moments notice to answer any queries that you may have.

 The Domino A-Series CP has been designed to offer a fast, reliable and high quality printing solution which integrated seamlessly into our production process. Added value features include:

  • Ink reservoir eliminates line stops for refills and guarantees consistent print quality
  • Intelligent system design allows the product to perform in a wide range of environments, minimising the effects of temperature, humidity and dust
  • Maximum productivity with minimal operator intervention
  • Intuitive control and data entry software including topic keys and full size keyboard and display
  • High Quality Print
  • Printhead technology provides better drop placement producing high quality print
  • Micro printing with Pinpoint print head
  • Offers unique codes for anti counterfeit purposes

Coupled with the Editor GT the solution really comes into its own niche

Domino Editor GTEditor™ GT

Editor™ GT is a sophisticated ink jet line Controller hardware and software package which offers total control of the printing operations.
Features and Benefits:

* Controls up to 8 configurable print heads anywhere on the line
* Up to 4 different resynchronised print stations
* Up to 4 different tracking units / belts, all backlash compensated
* Read and Print - read a code or number and print relevant data
* Automatic 'make ready' mode to reduce set-up time of machine
* Touch screen monitor
* Remote machine monitor - production information available on any computer in the network
* POP (Production Online Planning)
* All statistics can be archived for analysis


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