Gavin Watson Printers


Corporate Social Responsibility

. . . we care, our customers care, we should all care

Environmental, social and ethical issues
The Board takes account of the significance of environmental, social and ethical matters to the business of the Group

The board of directors take collective responsibility for environmental matters. An Environmental Steering Group has been established chaired by the Chief Executive which is responsible for promoting and monitoring compliance with the environmental policy.

The Group find ways of reducing Gavin Watson Printers environmental impact and serve the needs of customers who are becoming increasingly environmentally aware. In particular, there are programmes to reduce paper waste and power consumption.

The Group is also required to record and monitor waste levels, power and water consumption, airline travel and vehicle fleet emissions with the objective of achieving annual reductions of at least 10% in all these areas.

During the year there have been some notable successes:  The Environmental Steering Group is now working to introduce common methods of measuring power consumption, landfill, recycling and vehicle fleet emissions.

The environmental policy has been effective in raising awareness of environmental issues and encouraging the adoption of a range of initiatives. The Group is committed to continue with its work to seek to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Social and ethical
Gavin Watson Printers has a comprehensive ethics policy which can be viewed here. Each employee has an individual responsibility to deal ethically with customers, suppliers, fellow employees and the general public. The policy has been effective in defining the ethical standards to be followed throughout the company.

The policy requires the Company to make appropriate contributions to the local community’s well being. This is achieved by charitable donations, close involvement with local schools and colleges and provision of training and work experience opportunities.  Work experience opportunities are provided for local school pupils.